SUmmer in plaza

The TQ Plaza shopping centre offers you the possibility of spending your day walking and shopping in some of the numerous retail facilities, where you can find the products of the world’s most famous brands, sports equipment selections, cosmetic products, accessories, jewellery, kids’ selection and toys.


TQ Plaza, which is often mentioned as the new centre in Budva, is just one minute away by foot from the Slovenska beach and five minutes away by foot from the Old Town. The complex has a residential area, office spaces, shopping centre with a cinema and a 4-star apartment hotel.

PLAZA for all

In the TQ Plaza shopping centre, you can find a wide array of entertainment programmes for yourself and your young ones! The modern and safe playroom will draw your kids’ attention and let them have fun and spend time playing with their peers in a specialised area, equipped with the latest toys and entertainment programme. Within the complex, TQ Plaza also has a cinema where you can spend time enjoying the most famous international and local top films.

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