Tržni centar sa maloprodajnim objektima u kojima ćete pronaći niz luksuznih brendova, apoteka, banka, prodavnica prehrambenih proizvoda i bioskop senzori pokreta i podno grijanje.

Luksuzni stanovi sa HVAC, karticama kontrolisan ulaz, video nadzor,senzori pokreta I podno grejanje;

Poslovni prostor A klase

Hotel sa 4 zvjezdice

Cadmus Cineplex

TQ Plaza

TQ Plaza, which is often spoken of as the new centre of Budva, symbolises a new era in the development of Montenegro through a modern design and a complex adjusted to the needs of a family, business partners or tourists. Its design construction resembles three anchored ships and combines practicality and beauty of modern architecture with the soul and spirit of the Adriatic Sea. The centre is located just a minute away by foot from the “Slovenska” beach and five minutes away by foot from the Old Town. The complex has a residential area, office spaces, shopping centre with a cinema and a 4-star apartment hotel


- purchasing a flat and having fun during holidays as well as the possibility of income from renting the flat when abroad;

- purchasing a business space with an already signed long-term lease agreement or purchasing a sales space and starting your own business.

If you live in the complex, have a business meeting or if you are having fun with friends and family, TQ Plaza will offer you an unforgettable experience with a quick, efficient and quality service!